AP is the Boss of Solar Power Generation

When it comes to solar power generation capacity of India, Andhra Pradesh rules the roost. The state is the largest solar power generator with an accumulative generation capacity that equals 1867MW. Rajasthan bags the second spot with a power generation capacity of 1812MW whereas Tamil Nadu secures the third spot with a generation capacity off1691MW. Telangana is close behind at the fourth rank and has a power generation capacity of 1287MW.

The whole solar power generation methodology is gaining popularity in the country what with the Union Government offering incentives to encourage it. When compared to the solar generation capacity of India in 2013-14 that amounted to a measly 2632MW, the figure of 12288MW in the current year is a remarkable growth. According to the Union Government, the country has the capacity to generate power up to 748GW.

According to sources, of the 12288MW of the power generated, 4800MW came from the various rooftop solar projects while the rest is the result of the large scale solar projects set up in the country. The Central Government now aims to set up more rooftop solar projects that would generate up to 5000MW of power and large scale solar projects with a potential to generate 10000MW in the current year.

The increase in solar power generation has had a major impact on the reduction of the cost of power in the open market which definitely seems to be great news.