CM Naidu Conferred with the “Transformative Chief Minister Award” in USA

His efforts to strengthen the relations between India and US at the state level did not go unnoticed, which is why he was awarded with the “Transformative Chief Minister Award”.
US-India Business Council (USIBC) conferred him with the award on May 9th at the USIBC West Coast Summit that was held in the Silicon Valley. According to USIBC, the award is an acknowledgement of the credible efforts in public services and recognizes the recipients efforts to strengthen the India-US bonds in fields like culture, politics and trade.

The Secretary of Ministry of Electronics and IT, Aruna Sundararajan was also conferred with a similar award as recognition of her extensive service to the public and her efforts in cementing the bonds between USA and India while also encouraging digitalization in the country.

According to Mukesh Aghi who is the President of USIBC, with India going the cashless way and planning to build smart cities and develop E-commerce, the country is looking for different ways to design a digitalized economy and seek support from the American counterparts for this. He added that the USIBC West Coast Summit explored various solutions to create an effective digital infrastructure in India.

He further added that leaders like PM Narendra Modi, CM Chandrababu Naidu and Aruna Sundararajan are well aware of the importance and urgency of bringing about digital progress and transformation in India. According to him this is one of the main reasons why American bigwigs continue to invest in India.