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You are making the world fall for Andhra Food. How did you come up with this idea?
It all started as a family affair at first. The idea was to showcase hidden culinary skills of the mothers and ladies in our family circle. I grew up eating some of the most delectable and authentic Andhra dishes whipped up by my mother along with other cuisines. Our cooks were also perfectly trained by my mom. I wanted to show the world all those delicacies, some of which are almost forgotten. Then came the idea; every house has its own authentic and ancestral recipes. Housewives who prepare them also should be recognized and should have a platform where like minded people meet and exchange these recipes.
Clubbing both the thoughts, I immediately started a group, Foodies in Andhra.
I had first started the group with my relatives and close friends. We were around 2000 people. The group and the page went viral and became a global dais for many foodies. Now we have 32000 plus followers and counting.

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Turning a Year Older, CBN Continues to Inspire Like No Other http://voiceofandhra.net/turning-a-year-older-cbn-continues-to-inspire-like-no-other/ http://voiceofandhra.net/turning-a-year-older-cbn-continues-to-inspire-like-no-other/#respond Mon, 11 Sep 2017 08:50:59 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=4032 Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh turns 67 today. The vision icon and magnificent leader who is capable of rewriting destinies continues to work tirelessly towards governance. A man reckoned as an impeccable visionary, CBN still amazes younger peers who simply don’t seem to keep up with his pace.
CBN mesmerizes people with a unique, CEO like approach while running his government. His unmatched sense of vision and zeal to convert plans into reality prevails regardless of time and tide. Right from rewriting the fate of once redundant Hyderabad into Cyberabad, till envisioning world class Amaravati, CBN goes to work with same energy levels till this day.
An ardent student of political science, Mr Naidu is perhaps one of the very few politicians who can efficiently mix global business practices with Rajneeti in order to build a state. Two years of bifurcation and CBN continues to work like a startup entrepreneur, constructing dreams, brick by brick. He also has a powerful sense of filtering system in his brain, cutting out unwanted noise and focus only the main goal.
He turns 67 years young today, and we simply fail to match up with both his mental strength and agility to work round the clock.
Happy birthday, oh vision icon. Stay magnanimous.

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The Changing Face of Amaravati Says it All http://voiceofandhra.net/the-changing-face-of-amaravati-says-it-all/ http://voiceofandhra.net/the-changing-face-of-amaravati-says-it-all/#respond Mon, 11 Sep 2017 08:45:36 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=4028 The plans are now fast taking shape with respect to AP’s new capital city, Amaravati. Planned to be developed into one of the best metro cities in India, Amaravati is seeing changes, everyday. With an envisioning of developing the city with nine themes, works are now going brisk and steady.
Amaravati will have nine thematic regions that will also showcase first of their kind identity in the country; Health, Electronics, Knowledge, Tourism, Media, Justice, Sports, Government and Finance.
This Dussera, the AP State Govt will soon lay the foundation stone for the Government City that will house the Secretariat and the Legislative Complex. Sources say that the construction of the High Court will begin in the Justice City from October 30th.
Two of the regions that are fast taking shape are Health and Knowledge Cities. The latter will house some of the prestigious educational institutions and universities such as NID, SRM, Amity, Amrita, Centurion, NIFT and Central Institute of Tool Design. This apart, VIT had already commenced the first batch this July.
On the other hand, the Health City will witness the establishment of world class healthcare entities like the Indo-UK Institute of Health, AIIMS, Mata Amritanandamayi Trust Superspeciality Hospital etc. Another venture from the Dubai based BR Shetty Group will make its place, with a super speciality hospital and stem cell research unit.
Another striking highlight of the development will be the rise of Mangalagiri IT Park in Guntur, where a Pi Data Center has been planted with a whopping investment of Rs 600 Cr. The Data Center is projected to create jobs for close to 1,500 software professionals.
Tenders are in the line for the construction of the Government Complex.

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Major Breakthrough Comes to AP in Form of Pacts with Google, Tesla http://voiceofandhra.net/major-breakthrough-comes-to-ap-in-form-of-pacts-with-google-tesla/ http://voiceofandhra.net/major-breakthrough-comes-to-ap-in-form-of-pacts-with-google-tesla/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 06:40:30 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=371 During his 7 day visit to the USA, CM Chandrababu Naidu signed agreements with Iowa State University and Tesla in various fields like Internet, food technology, seed production and storage of renewable energy. According to him this is a great achievement and a major breakthrough.

While responding to the CM’s request to extend support in the next phase of development of the energy sector, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk promised to offer technological expertise for establishing two solar energy units with a capacity of 4MW each in Rayalaseema.

The agreement of Google Inc. to bring all its technologies to Andhra Pradesh is another important accomplishment. It has agreed to offer its latest technology of free space optical communication to the fiber grid project of Andhra Pradesh and has consented to provide 2000 nodes by the end of this year.

The CM has also signed a MoU with the Iowa State University with an idea of establishing a mega seed park in Kurnool district which would engage in seed production and research work.
Naidu also met Jeff Williams, the CEO of Apple. However nothing was finalized as Williams raised certain queries related to development of spare parts and incentives which are now being discussed with the Central Government.

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AP is the Boss of Solar Power Generation http://voiceofandhra.net/ap-is-the-boss-of-solar-power-generation/ http://voiceofandhra.net/ap-is-the-boss-of-solar-power-generation/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 06:37:26 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=368 When it comes to solar power generation capacity of India, Andhra Pradesh rules the roost. The state is the largest solar power generator with an accumulative generation capacity that equals 1867MW. Rajasthan bags the second spot with a power generation capacity of 1812MW whereas Tamil Nadu secures the third spot with a generation capacity off1691MW. Telangana is close behind at the fourth rank and has a power generation capacity of 1287MW.

The whole solar power generation methodology is gaining popularity in the country what with the Union Government offering incentives to encourage it. When compared to the solar generation capacity of India in 2013-14 that amounted to a measly 2632MW, the figure of 12288MW in the current year is a remarkable growth. According to the Union Government, the country has the capacity to generate power up to 748GW.

According to sources, of the 12288MW of the power generated, 4800MW came from the various rooftop solar projects while the rest is the result of the large scale solar projects set up in the country. The Central Government now aims to set up more rooftop solar projects that would generate up to 5000MW of power and large scale solar projects with a potential to generate 10000MW in the current year.

The increase in solar power generation has had a major impact on the reduction of the cost of power in the open market which definitely seems to be great news.

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When CBN Went Live on Bloomberg, the World took Notice http://voiceofandhra.net/when-cbn-went-live-on-bloomberg-the-world-took-notice/ http://voiceofandhra.net/when-cbn-went-live-on-bloomberg-the-world-took-notice/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 06:34:36 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=365 About a week ago, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu made an appearance on Bloomberg USA. He was invited by the channel to give an elaborate account of demonetization that has taken India by storm and to offer a sneak peek into the GST theory. As of now he is the only Indian Chief Minister to have made an appearance any international TV show to speak about digitization and demonetization. As he spoke at length about demonetization theory as well as the enhanced exposure of India towards digitization, everyone in USA sat up and took notice.

At the time, CBN was on a weeklong tour of the country where he met with a number of eminent business and political personalities as well as distinguished investors. The eventful tour was surely one of the most productive of all the ones in his extensive itinerary, what with him being able to close deals for possible investments in not just the IT sector but other major sectors too.
On the show, the CM spoke in detail as to what India’s future entails and how he views the growth and development of his state and the country as a whole.

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Chandrababu Naidu to Name PV Sindhu as AP’s Sports Ambassador http://voiceofandhra.net/chandrababu-naidu-to-name-pv-sindhu-as-aps-sports-ambassador/ http://voiceofandhra.net/chandrababu-naidu-to-name-pv-sindhu-as-aps-sports-ambassador/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 06:28:40 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=362 After making changes to the State Public Services Act, AP Legislature passed a bill in order to appoint PV Sindhu, the Olympic silver medal winner in Badminton, as a Group 1 government officer.
According to the provisions in Andhra Pradesh (Regulation of Appointment to Public Services and Rationalization of Staff Pattern and Pay Structure) Act, 1994, no person can be appointed to a government post unless he or she comes through the employment exchange or the AP Public Service Commission’s selection committee. These provisions prevented the state from appointing Sindhu as a government official.

Thus, in order to make way to this resolution passed by the Cabinet, a decision was taken to amend Section 4 of the law, thereby enabling direct appointment of Sindhu to the Revenue Divisional Officer cadre. Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, the state Finance Minister presented a bill in the assembly in accordance to this amendment which was unanimously passed by the Assembly. Later, the Legislative Council too passed the bill.

During this occasion, CM Chandrababu Naidu made an announcement in the Assembly that his government intends to appoint PV Sindhu as the sports ambassador of the state. He added that the other exemplary sportsmen will also be given government jobs.

After her successful Olympic feat, the State Government had awarded her a cash prize of INR 3crores in Amaravati while also passing a resolution to offer her a Group 1 i.e. gazetted officer’s post of her choice.

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GST Bill Passed by AP Assembly http://voiceofandhra.net/gst-bill-passed-by-ap-assembly/ http://voiceofandhra.net/gst-bill-passed-by-ap-assembly/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 06:18:36 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=359 On 16th May 2017, Andhra Pradesh assembly passed the much awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill, thereby joining the bandwagon of states that are in favor of a uniform tax system in the whole country.

If sources are to be believed, the ratification of the bill came forth amidst a lot of brouhaha, what with the opposition party, YSR Congress creating a scene by shouting slogans and making a demand to discuss the issues of chilli farmers in the state. When it came to the discussion of the bill, the opposition party refused to participate in the proceedings.

While introducing the Andhra Pradesh GST Bill 2017, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, the State Finance Minister stated that the new law being proposed is introduced based on the directions offered by the GST council, which were listed in the state GST draft circulated by them. He added that the law will provide the Andhra Pradesh State Government with a power to levy goods and services taxes on the goods and services that were supplied to or from the state. The law would be prevalent for all such transactions that took place within the confines of Andhra Pradesh.

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Naidu Pressurizes the Singapore Consortium to Quicken Amaravati Constructions http://voiceofandhra.net/naidu-pressurizes-the-singapore-consortium-to-quicken-amaravati-constructions/ http://voiceofandhra.net/naidu-pressurizes-the-singapore-consortium-to-quicken-amaravati-constructions/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 05:29:42 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=356 N Chandrababu Naidu, the CM of Andhra Pradesh expects to see some progress in the development of the city of Amaravati in the next couple of years, so that he can confidently urge the voters to vote for him during the 2019 elections.

While addressing the Singapore consortium which is responsible for the construction work, he urged them to design at least some infrastructure in the startup area such that he has something to show to the voters during the 2019 polls. He gave these instructions during an event where he also handed the Singapore Consortium with a “Letter of Award”.
The event was attended by S Iswaran, the Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore along with a number of delegates. The development of the capital city of Amaravati is the first major real estate project undertaken by the Andhra Pradesh government using the Public Private Partnership Technique. The Singapore consortium of companies like Ascendas Singbridge and Sembcorp Development has been appointed as the master developers.

Initially the plan was to appoint the consortium to develop the whole city spanning 20 square kilometers including the 900acres for the government city. However, owing to the legal complications that this involved, the plan was cut down to just the development of the startup area. The project will now be developed on 6.84 square kilometer area with the consortium working in tandem with the Amaravati Development Corporation. It is believed that the development of startup area will bring about major economic growth, what with the consortium attracting foreign investors, thereby leading to job creation. It is being estimated that at least 2.50 lakhs of jobs will be created which will encourage about 1.25 lakh families to settle in the city.

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When CM Chandrababu Naidu Joined Instagram http://voiceofandhra.net/when-cm-chandrababu-naidu-joined-instagram/ http://voiceofandhra.net/when-cm-chandrababu-naidu-joined-instagram/#respond Thu, 18 May 2017 05:25:54 +0000 http://voiceofandhra.net/?p=353 With everyone joining the social media platforms, why should the Andhra Pradesh CM lag behind? So, when Chandrababu Naidu finally opened an account on the popular social networking community – Instagram, the event was no less than a celebration for all the people who love, admire and follow the leader. He went on to surprise everyone by asking his team to post a message from his official Instagram account, ncbn.official. At the time, the CM was on a US trip and posted a photograph of him interacting with the Non-Resident Telugu speaking community at the University of San Jose. In his tweet he said that he was looking forward to connect with the users of Instagram.

Within a few minutes of his message being posted, the community went berserk with admirers from all over the world posting welcome messages and sending good wishes to the CM. There is no denying the fact that Chandrababu Naidu is a high tech Chief Minister who is well versed with putting the social media networks to good use. He has proved the point by opening his official account on Instagram.

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