He is Making The World FALL For Andhra Food

He was a first class cricketer, an actor and now, a very successful businessman. Wearing many hats does not stop Madhukar Nekkanti from doing something more magnificent – take his native home food places. His social networking page, Foodies in Andhra, is taking the world by storm. People just love peeping into the space every now and then to get a hang of some of the most authentic and rare Andhra dishes. Madhukar, who is creating an internet rage with this mission has bigger and better plans ahead. KostaLife catches up with this peppy Bezawada Abbai over a casual chat.
You are making the world fall for Andhra Food. How did you come up with this idea?
It all started as a family affair at first. The idea was to showcase hidden culinary skills of the mothers and ladies in our family circle. I grew up eating some of the most delectable and authentic Andhra dishes whipped up by my mother along with other cuisines. Our cooks were also perfectly trained by my mom. I wanted to show the world all those delicacies, some of which are almost forgotten. Then came the idea; every house has its own authentic and ancestral recipes. Housewives who prepare them also should be recognized and should have a platform where like minded people meet and exchange these recipes.
Clubbing both the thoughts, I immediately started a group, Foodies in Andhra.
I had first started the group with my relatives and close friends. We were around 2000 people. The group and the page went viral and became a global dais for many foodies. Now we have 32000 plus followers and counting.