Major Breakthrough Comes to AP in Form of Pacts with Google, Tesla

During his 7 day visit to the USA, CM Chandrababu Naidu signed agreements with Iowa State University and Tesla in various fields like Internet, food technology, seed production and storage of renewable energy. According to him this is a great achievement and a major breakthrough.

While responding to the CM’s request to extend support in the next phase of development of the energy sector, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk promised to offer technological expertise for establishing two solar energy units with a capacity of 4MW each in Rayalaseema.

The agreement of Google Inc. to bring all its technologies to Andhra Pradesh is another important accomplishment. It has agreed to offer its latest technology of free space optical communication to the fiber grid project of Andhra Pradesh and has consented to provide 2000 nodes by the end of this year.

The CM has also signed a MoU with the Iowa State University with an idea of establishing a mega seed park in Kurnool district which would engage in seed production and research work.
Naidu also met Jeff Williams, the CEO of Apple. However nothing was finalized as Williams raised certain queries related to development of spare parts and incentives which are now being discussed with the Central Government.