Turning a Year Older, CBN Continues to Inspire Like No Other

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh turns 67 today. The vision icon and magnificent leader who is capable of rewriting destinies continues to work tirelessly towards governance. A man reckoned as an impeccable visionary, CBN still amazes younger peers who simply don’t seem to keep up with his pace.
CBN mesmerizes people with a unique, CEO like approach while running his government. His unmatched sense of vision and zeal to convert plans into reality prevails regardless of time and tide. Right from rewriting the fate of once redundant Hyderabad into Cyberabad, till envisioning world class Amaravati, CBN goes to work with same energy levels till this day.
An ardent student of political science, Mr Naidu is perhaps one of the very few politicians who can efficiently mix global business practices with Rajneeti in order to build a state. Two years of bifurcation and CBN continues to work like a startup entrepreneur, constructing dreams, brick by brick. He also has a powerful sense of filtering system in his brain, cutting out unwanted noise and focus only the main goal.
He turns 67 years young today, and we simply fail to match up with both his mental strength and agility to work round the clock.
Happy birthday, oh vision icon. Stay magnanimous.